Security Alarms What You Really Need to Know…

  • We offer HKC , GSD and Pyronix alarm systems –
  • We offer ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) commonly referred to as “Monitored Alarm) Really required for insurance purposes. Your insurance company may insist you have an intruder alarm installed in your property. This will depend on the risk level of your property as well as the insurance company’s policy.
  • Your insurer may also insist that it is installed and regularly maintained
  • If your alarm is installed by  Muntec as an  approved company, you will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance which should be presented to the insurer as required.
  • Please also ensure you set your alarm when your home is unoccupied – otherwise you might invalidate your insurance cover if a burglary occurs.
  • Wired or Wireless Technology – both great, wireless can cost a bit more
  • The New buzzword is IP Monitoring – too long to explain here best discussed in person.
  • If the Installation is cheap you can rest assured the monthly contact premium will level any initial savings made over the life of the contract and beyond. There is no “Free Alarm System”.

CCTV What You Really Need to Know…

The First Question to be answered is … The equipment… is the CCTV equipment branded and does the Installer have distribution backup and warranty… If they don’t it is rather wishful thinking to think you will…….

Design Do you have a infrastructure of sorts in place already? We can upgrade existing analogue cameras to High Definition and add ultra High definition IP cameras with a hybrid CCTV system.

For us it is survival that we are to called upon for more work in the future and referred to family and friends as a, competent, reliable, honest and trustworthy service provider. As expected all work is to the specified industry standard and we are fully Insured and Garda Vetted.