Fire Alarm Services

We offer the installation and maintenance of both Conventional and addressable fire alarm systems. These are discussed briefly in the Fire Alarm sub menu’s, namely Conventional Fire Alarms & Addressable Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Handover:

Installing a quality alarm is only the start of the Fire Safety Process.

  1. Responsible persons are identified and trained on the operation and testing of the alarm system.
  2. Visual displays , automated fire detector and manual call point equipment  maps
  3. Written testing procedures, fault and maintenance booklets
  4. Ensuring that the best fire fighting equipment and escape procedures in are place.
  5. Emphasizing continuous education on maintaining and ensuring a safe environment continues.

(5) During and after Fire Alarm Installation Munster Technology refers and recommends customers to a company whose sole focus  is to protect people and property , and to be compliant with health and safety regulations..

Responsible Persons should not be daunted by their responsibilities, they are appointed to assist in ensuring the fire safety environment  is as safe as possible.

The Irish Fire Standard ; I.S.3218:2013  confirms this and specifies that a “responsible person” is appointed.

The “responsible person” is charged with daily attention, i.e looking at the panel to note any faults, weekly attention; testing the sounders and warning devices and also ensuring the system is maintained by a qualified person, generally quarterly.

Peace of Mind

Munster Technology uses the services of Stellar Certification Services and are audited against the following National Standard Authority Standard, namely; IS 3218:2013 Fire detection and alarm systems for buildings – system design, installation, servicing and maintenance

XFP 2 Loop 32 Zone Addressable Fire Panel