Munster Technology are very excited to have partnered

up with Konnect and thereby improve our broadband offering

What is satellite broadband?

If you can’t get a decent broadband connection through landline or cable then satellite broadband is a great alternative. Our broadband service is beamed from our satellite in space, which means it works pretty much everywhere. Plus its superfast and super good value for money too.

The Internet accessed via a traditional ADSL, fibre or 4G connection is identical to satellite broadband. The main difference is that satellite broadband is available without the need for a cable link or mobile coverage.

Bear in mind though, that the satellite signal travels 70,000 km to give you coverage everywhere. That creates a slight lag. We therefore don’t recommend using satellite broadband for services that require low latency–like multi-player online gaming, for example.

What equipment do I need to connect to satellite internet?

We provide all the equipment you need to receive Konnect satellite broadband.  This includes the satellite dish, the transceiver, the modem and cabling.

The satellite dish 
In most cases the dish will be positioned on an outside wall of your house. The standard dish is 74 cm in diameter and needs a clear view of the southern sky.

The transceiver  
The transceiver faces into the dish to pick up the signal.

The modem 
The modem is a small electronic box, as in traditional broadband. Our installer will run a cable from the dish into your house to connect to the modem. You can then connect your devices to the Internet directly to the modem using an ethernet cable or wirelessly using the integrated WiFi.

  • Konnect is a brand new Internet Service Provider

  • Offering satellite internet connection at up to 100Mbps

  • Operating through Eutelsat konnect satellite, located 36,000 m from Earth

  • With a mission to konnect the underserved and the unconnected

  • Delivering superfast broadband packages at affordable prices

It’s that simple !