• Control access audio and video communications and control systems can identify callers before you let them in.

  • Security restricted access control devises, coded entry pads and surveillance can often enhance protection.

  • Cut-out unwanted traffic gates are often installed to stop short cutting and deter all but authorised visitors and occupants

  • Prevention of opportunist theft a closed gate is often a deterrent to would-be burglars.

  • Protection for children & pets automatic closing control will ensure that gates are left closed

  • Protect gardens from wildlife gate systems will help protect plants from rabbits, deer and other un-wanted visitors.

  • Stop parking abuse and turning we can design a system which will prevent people abusing your driveway.

  • Privacy close board or solid gates can help to keep prying eyes and unwanted visitors at bay.

  • Convenience you can open gates from the Comfort of your own car or home.

  • Aesthetics a gate system can improve the look and stature of your property.

  • Insurance Most major insurers will offer discount when reliable security gates are

Gate Automation demands key skills to ensure the best possible result.

Examples of this would be:

        • High voltage – RECCI registered electrician

        • Ground works – Could require persons digging trench and laying pipes for the wiring or even a digger! Concrete – Drive repair  the list is extensive.

        • Metal Work – A highly skilled metal work fabricator

        • Low voltage gate controllers , Internet links and Video Audio Intercom etc.

        • Safety compliance and certification to standards

        • Mains fail – what happens – battery backup options etc

        • Drainage if  motors are below ground

        • Expert handover and training to the end user

        • User access, remotes etc

We have all of the above in place and project manage from start to finish.

Site Survey:

It is not normally possible to give quotes without first surveying  the site. This involves travel and drawing up proposals  and quotations. In the interests of  pursuing new clients we  do not charge for our site surveys, however, If you simply curious or doing are doing price comparisons , then PLEASE  do not take offence but kindly accept our prices will be around the industry standard and not request a free survey…


We offer 2 years on all materials and work, the motors are rated either residential or commercial and realistic  life expectancy would be discussed around  manufacturers motor expectations, for example, 200 000 operations.


Munster Technology is certified to European Standard EN50131.


We are licensed by the Private Security Authority, license number 4257.


All work carried out honours a 1 year warranty and full backup and callout in the event of a problem.

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